Why should you have yourself a trading plan in IQ Option?

Why should you have yourself a trading plan in IQ Option

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If you look at the past of large corporations at home and abroad, you will see the figure of a talented captain steering the boat over the wind and waves to reach the promised land. It was not due to luck that they became giants but it was all part of the plan. A perfect plan will take them to the next level. And in trading, a methodical plan will help you get a profit when investing in IQ Option.

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Why should you have yourself a trading plan in IQ Option?

When you become an investor in IQ Option you will have 3 forms of online investment. And each form will own a different way of trading to maximize profits. You need to understand it specifically in order to plan to make money from your investment decisions.


With this form of investment, you can make money fast in a short time. Whether the market is trending or not, you can still make money. The fact that you can make a profit just by predicting the next direction of the price is great. Here are the advantages of options trading:

  • Simple investment method.
  • Open 24/24.
  • Fairness.
  • Potential investment market.
Trade options in IQ Option

As can be seen from the name, options trading gives an investor the option to buy or sell an asset in the future, regardless of the market price. These types of transactions are very flexible and can be used in different situations.

What is worth noting, however, are trading options, as are other derivatives. There are also a lot of risks involved. Therefore, before using these types of transactions, investors should have a good understanding of how it works. Traders should also have a good understanding of the different combinations of buy and sell orders as well as the potential risks that each strategy brings. Additionally, traders should also consider using risk management strategies along with technical and fundamental analysis to minimize potential losses.


Options trading has short-term strengths. Then Forex is completely opposite when it comes to great profits in the long run. You do not need to spend too much time tracking price charts. Because here, you can hold a trade for how long depending on your profit expectation or your risk acceptance level. If you choose Forex as the main investment channel in IQ Option, you will have the following advantages:

  • No commission
  • No intermediaries
  • Low transaction fees
  • No fixed transaction volume
  • The market works continuously
  • No one can manipulate the market
  • Leverage
  • High liquidity
  • Easy to get started
Trade Forex in IQ Option

This is considered a suitable investment for those who are busy at work. It is also for people who are looking for passive income by long-term investing with idle money. The importance is that when you make the right decisions about your long-term investment, it will generate a steady stream of profits over time.


In our opinion, Digital Options trading is a huge step forward compared to Binary Options. And here are the advantages of Digital Options:

  • Digital Options offer up to 900% -1000% higher return on each correct prediction trade. If Binary Options only bring a maximum profit of 93%, then Digital Options bring about a profit of 9-10 times higher.
  • With a short trading time (with 1 to 5-minute options), you can see immediate trading results.
  • You have the right to early sell the option in case you see the price trend go against your prediction.
Trade Digital in IQ Option

Therefore, you need to know how to choose and combine cleverly different investment options in order to minimize risk and achieve the highest profit.

Objective comments on investment forms in IQ Option

As an individual trading Forex, Options, Digital, etc., I advise you not to choose something that is not right for you. You should not choose something just because of hearing a few words from strangers about making money. Take a look at your problem objectively and choose what works best for you.

To the limits of my understanding, I can say that options trading promises a source of profit that is probably faster, more, and easier than drug trading. (Please read carefully: “promise”, not “guarantee”).

Comments on investment forms in IQ Option
Comments on investment forms in IQ Option

Take a look at how life is on the other side of the front line of professional Forex traders. These are the orders that take them weeks to find, hours to get a good entry point, and a few more hours to close a profit which is sometimes only 5% of their capital.

Scalpers will probably make a little quicker profit. However, I’m pretty sure that no Forex trading style can match the speed of options trading in which with only one-click, you can earn 80% profit after 30 seconds in IQ Option.

The nature of options – the things you need to know for your trading plan in IQ Option

The nature of options is not about speed, but about right and wrong along with the extreme win rates. However, brokers have wisely recognized the problem. They need to increase the speed of trading to beat both the good traders and fools.

Admittedly, whoever made the options trading, they all are people who understand the world of traders very well. They understand that speed is the life-and-death key of investors.

In Options trading, things go wildly but as planned. The difference is, you are the wild one, and the broker is the one who plans to let you put your money in their pockets in a game that is inherently fair (in theory) but extremely sophisticated mentally.

Nature of options trading

First, they give you the right to enter and close an order after as long as 30 seconds or just seconds. This alone is enough for you to kill yourself. Then, there are dozens of currency pairs (including those that even Forex traders do not want to get involved in), and dozens of available indicators.

Brokers don’t put their hands in your pockets to steal the money! You have to top up by yourself because you want to make money fast and get rich fast. Everything is well and perfectly planned. To make money from IQ Option, you must have a plan to avoid negative sentiment during the trading process.

Speed is the trap a trader comes into by himself

Most people who start trading with options are unaware of how sober and calm the other half of the trading world is working and making profits. By the way, over 80% of traders have burned their accounts over there.

In options trading, the first pain is that you have to be sure to get the entry point. A foolish retest can also cause losses. The next pain is speed. Brokers are so clever in giving us options that last only a few minutes or even tens of seconds.

The extreme trading speed in options trading
The extreme trading speed in options trading

We think that it is “the right to make quick profits” but do not realize that it is actually “the right to pay steadily to the platform”.

New traders who jump into options have weak baby-like feet. With just a light push, they will stumble.

Speed traps are something you need to plan on overcoming. If you are serious about trying out options trading, make sure you understand this.

A plan is necessary if you want to make money from options trading in IQ Option

Having understood the existence of speed traps in options trading, what do we do to make a profit? I will repeat familiar but effective sentences like:

  • Discipline, discipline, and discipline. I often tell my trading friends that winning or losing is all about how you plan. That plan is the amount of loss you allow yourself to lose on every trade, every session, or every day and absolutely do not exceed that.
Plan to trade in IQ Option
Plan to trade in IQ Option
  • Practice recalling the “scenario” each time you see an entry point. Recall everything such as why that price zone has that rule, what conditions will lead to the entry point, etc. If the price continues to follow the scenario correctly, you can open the order, otherwise, FORGET IT. Be “haughty” to the market. The market has to go along with your scenario, creating the right system conditions. If the condition fails then take your finger off the mouse!. This habit both makes you not confused about your knowledge and calms your mind down a lot.
  • Aim for orders with larger time frames (although most options trading platforms do not offer a high profit rate when trading with large time frames). Personally, I’m still trading M1. But I had to go through quite a long time in a Demo account on the M15 timeframe and above to practice a cold head.


I think you can decide for yourself what investment form to choose in IQ Option through this article. Especially with options trading, you can make money fast leading to fast money loss. There is a need to have a plan to make money slowly but stably and safely. That is what traders always aim for. You can experience various investment forms with the provided Demo account before thinking of recharging to make investments with real money.

Register IQ Option and Get Free $10,000 Risk warning: Your capital might be at risk.

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Why should you have yourself a trading plan in IQ Option?
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