How to change the way you trade in IQ Option for better results?

How to change the way you trade in IQ Option for better results?
How to change the way you trade in IQ Option for better results?

Do you enjoy using the fastest way to trade in IQ Option? With only 60 seconds, you have the result of a trade.

If I say “speed” makes it easy to lose money, are you going to give it up? I am sure that when you change the way of trading in IQ Option from short term to long term, there will be a better result with more profit. Do you believe it? If you keep reading, I will help you get rid of your losses with the simplest possible words, so that you realize you need to change in order not to lose money anymore.

I know it’s incredibly difficult to change habits. However, it will help you to have financial freedom. It is worth the determination to change. In this article, I will share tips to help you gradually change your potentially risky trading habits to the safest way to trade.

Change the way you trade to survive in IQ Option

There is no need to destroy and rebuild the entire trading system you have created. You just need to adjust the expiration time of the trade from shorter to longer, that’s all. Simple to say, but you need to have a concrete roadmap to make that important change. You need to change from your trading strategy, investment method, to your trading psychology.

Don’t change it all of a sudden. This makes it difficult for you to get used to it. Gradually get rid of the short-term stuff from your investment. It may take 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, etc. Time is not a big deal if you are determined to change to become a successful trader.

Choose the right indicators for long-term orders

Without much analysis, you can also open short-term orders with ease. It seems that the habit of “speedy” trading is absorbed deeply into your subconscious mind. Looking back at the time you traded with a 60-second expiration time, was it profitable? If it is, I congratulate you on being among the successful minority. If it is not, change from now on or you will forever be a loser in IQ Option.

To me, orders with an expiration time shorter than 60 seconds are very dangerous. It does not make you look like a trader but a silhouette of a gambler instead. There are no technical indicators that predict the path of the price in a few short minutes. Therefore, do not step foot on an emotional roller coaster with “speedy” trading orders.

Choose the right indicators for long-term orders
Choose the right indicators for long-term orders

Replace it with long-term trend prediction indicators such as MA, Parabolic SAR, MACD, etc. They will make it easy for you to choose the most accurate and best trend-following entry points. There is no need to be too urgent. You can practice to gradually get used to it using a Demo account. Only after mastering it can you make money. Please prepare everything in the best way.

Divide the capital equally as small as possible

I’m sure you will bet all your balance left in your account after a few painful losing trades. At that time, you will burn your account fastest (within only 4 or 5 60-second trading orders). Do you see how easy it is for you to hand over your money to the platform?

Emotions are considered the enemy of traders, but you can easily be manipulated by “enemies” in short-term orders of less than 5 minutes. This leads to behaviors such as revenging, orders stuffing, orders sticking, etc. that make you quickly go to hell.

You can’t think properly when the price is nervously bouncing between the line of winning and losing. And when the result shows a losing order, which is only a few small units apart to become a winning order, naturally, you will feel like opening the next order immediately to get back the lost money. Just like that, it goes on like an endless loop until your account reaches 0.

Divide the capital equally as small as possible

Divide your balance into as many small investments as possible. Do it so it can withstand more than 5 consecutive losing orders before causing you to burn out your account. This makes it impossible for you to evaporate your account quickly. From there, it improves the ability to survive in the market to continue seeking profits.

Change your mindset on how to trade in IQ Option

Do not think that when you trade a lot, the profit will increase. That’s a mistake. The more you trade, the harder it will be for you to control your addiction. Then, maybe you will ignore everything to satisfy yourself without knowing whether your investment is making a profit or not. This is a very harmful action that investors should avoid.

I recommend that you start to change your mind when reading this article. Only choose orders with the minimum expiration time of 5 minutes or longer if possible. Limit the maximum number of orders per day to avoid over-trading.

Change your mindset on how to trade in IQ Option
Change your mindset on how to trade in IQ Option

In particular, you will have a lot more time to analyze and evaluate your winning rate. Open an order when you are confident that the win rate reaches up to 80%.

Change now because a wrong mindset can never help you win. That is also the reason why you keep losing money, even though you are very disciplined with yourself.

When you experience lasting losses, the change is what you need to make

I’m sure the trading strategies you have built up in the past are very effective. However, it is not really suitable so you need to have small changes in the trading process to gradually develop a perfect trading strategy in IQ Option.

But please remember that in investment, you can never get rich quickly. It is a long road you have to go through, including many stages to step on top of glory. Remember, short-term things never last.

Change or die is your choice. Do not be engrossed in chasing millionaire dreams in just a few trading months. Sit back and write yourself a specific schedule to find your financial freedom in the future.

Change for success

There are a lot of traders out there that are lazy in changing their trading style. So they always suffer losses, leading to depression, and gradually give up. Winning is only in favor of traders who are adaptive and willing to change.

The winning formula for you is very simple. Change the transaction time from short to long term. In addition to the advantages I mentioned above, it also gives you plenty of time to prepare for the next perfect trade.

In conclusion

In every game, the winner is the one who best adapts. The same goes for the Forex market. You will be dismissed when you are no longer suitable.

If your way of trading in IQ Option is having problems, then a change is necessary. You should develop a trading strategy with the longest time that is safest. Only then will success find you.

How to change the way you trade in IQ Option for better results?
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