8 reasons why you lose when trading in IQ Option

8 reasons why you lose when trading in IQ Option
8 reasons why you lose when trading in IQ Option

You often see articles about successful investors (who make money) in IQ Option while wandering on Facebook or a certain online community. Do they have anything different from you? Why do they earn money and you don’t? What is the reason that losses are clinging to you during trading? If you get into the 8 things below, you will easily lose money in IQ Option. Find ways to avoid them if you want money to come to your account.

Start replacing bad things with good habits in 2021. If you can do that, you will surely be profitable.

8 reasons that make you lose when trading in IQ Option

Becoming a successful trader is a very difficult journey because you are subject to many unpredictable random risks. Therefore, the loss is also inevitable.

However, it’s not like we let losses go on uncontrollably. If you get into the following 8 things, I believe you are now at a loss.

Try to get an epic trading history just to show off

Try to get an epic trading record

Do you want a transaction history full of green orders (winning trades)? Are you proud compared to other traders whose winning/losing rates are uneven, in which green orders alternate with red (losing) orders that do not look so good?

If you enjoy it and want to show off to everyone about it on a regular basis, you are using money to buy “beauty”. It really brings no benefit for your investment. It will make you forget your main goal which is to make a profit in the trading process. The “beauty” factor does not decide you are a good investor. It only costs you money.

Trading is a job that needs humility (people who often boast usually trade very badly). Don’t make yourself lose money or a lot of money trying to beautify it for a little bit of meaningless honor. Remember, you only need money. And when you have money, everything is beautiful.

Not being patient enough leads to losses in IQ Option trading

Not being patient enough will get you lose in IQ Option trading
Not being patient enough will get you lose in IQ Option trading

This is the reason that almost all traders get it in the early stages. How can you be patient when you have the ability to make money with only a few minutes or even 60 seconds? Therefore, noobs keep clicking to make money in IQ Option as quickly as possible. In the first stage, the fact that they can x2 or x3 their accounts may happen in a few minutes. But with strong market fluctuations, they will lose all their earned trophies or even more.

Because of impatience, traders accept uncertain opportunities. They put their money in a high-risk place just because they have to wait for too long. In a financial game, if you do not have the patience, you are sure to lose money. I advise you if you cannot be patient, then give up on Forex trading immediately. Remember that money goes to the person with the best patience among the crowd out there.

Bad IQ Option trading habits make you easy to lose money

Bad IQ Option trading habits make you easy to lose money
Bad IQ Option trading habits make you easy to lose money

When trading for a long enough time, you will have good habits or bad habits. Good habits will help you to avoid risks to earn profits. On the contrary, bad habits include trading too much during the day, betting all of your capital, going after many different transactions, etc. Those are the things that make you never profitable in trading.

In addition, there is a habit that most traders have that is to observe their trading orders every second, every minute. It is a bad habit that takes away a lot of time and money from traders.

Once you have placed an order in the market, just leave it alone and do other things instead of watching and expect it to win. Inadvertently, it scares you and makes you start preparing the plan for the next order while the current order still has no final results. Analyzing when the order is still open can easily make you lose direction and drag the following orders to the wrong path.

You need to promote good things and eliminate bad habits in the transaction process. Only then can you become a successful trader in IQ Option. Make changes now for future success.

No specific trading goal

No specific trading goal

Without the goal of making money, you will never get a profit during trading. Trading is not about just thinking or saying aloud: “I want to make a profit”. You should take some time to plan your daily, monthly, and yearly investment as well as the direction in which you plan to implement your plans.

In that trading plan, you need to set the desired profit level. Stop when enough. Never cross the border. Along with it are principles to limit one’s own greed.

For example, With a $1000 capital, the daily profit target is 2.5% or $25. The maximum is to open 5 orders per day and no more than $25 per order.

The goal is clear, now get started to achieve it. Everything is not as vague as in thought, but now it is much more specific.

Not well prepared

Do you know why so many people buy insurance? Because they are thoughtful who are mentally prepared for the worst possible situations at any time in their lives.

As a trader, you don’t need to buy insurance, but you do need to have a plan in place to prevent the worst situations from happening to you. Prepare everything in the best way so that when things go wrong, you won’t be hurt too much.

At the same time, you must have for yourself a piece of luggage when trading such as knowledge, skills, psychology, etc. along with a mind that is ready to be able to do well in trading at any time. Without preparation, you are like a new soldier who is not fully equipped with the necessary weapons but has to go to battle. I’m sure you can’t hold out for long. The reason that makes most traders lose is that they plunge into the crazy trading market without the necessary preparation.

Prepare a piece of luggage for trading in IQ Option

Prepare everything before you start trading in IQ Option to take the initiative. Only then can you flexibly turn unfavorable situations into your own benefits.

Being too hasty leads to losses when trading IQ Option

No one becomes an expert in a certain field as a newborn. Everyone must learn from basic to advanced knowledge for a long time. At a certain point, you will become proficient in a field you are studying.

And the same goes for making money in IQ Option. You must learn knowledge first. Once you have a good grasp of it, go to practice with a small account before managing a large account. It takes step by step to make money, please remember. If you do the opposite, you will lose money. It’s as simple as that. It’s all up to you to decide.

Relying on others in trading

Many people believe that as they have little knowledge about financial investment, they should always follow the instructions of others. Since then, the signal group appears, in which you will get the order signal from the instructor without much brainstorming.

They said you just need to follow the instructions to make money. As a result, you can’t even make any money but lose or be blatantly cheated in IQ Option. Beginners in trading should be careful with this sophisticated scam. No one ever works for nobody for free. Do not be easily trapped by bad guys.

The trap of the bad guys that makes you lose money in IQ Option

For plans that others have outlined to help you make money, take a closer look. You can consult advice, new ideas, but be the final decision-maker in your own investment.

Don’t feel like “the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence”

As you listen to other people’s stories about making a lot of money, you immediately follow. You try to find out their trading system and apply it to yourself. However, you do not know anything about it. You will inevitably fail when putting money on things you don’t know how to use effectively. So the loop goes on and in the end, you won’t be able to escape the loss cycle.

What works for others does not necessarily work for you. Therefore, let’s build your own strategy of making money in IQ Option. That is the right path to help you get a profit on investment.

In conclusion

Through this article, you may have learned 8 reasons that make traders lose money in trading. Let’s start the year 2021 with a new beginning that only keeps the best clear of the bad. You will surely reap the results you expect in IQ Option.

8 reasons why you lose when trading in IQ Option
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