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How to have the trading mindset of a professional trader

Professional traders always have a different trading mindset from amateur ones. What are the main differences? How can we get this mindset?

Simple trading strategy combining RSI indicator and 2 MA in IQ Option

Today, I will introduce a simple trading strategy that is highly effective when combining the RSI indicator with 2 MA that has been tested by professional traders.

Review the trading strategy using 2 EMAs in IQ Option

Do you know how to have patience in trading? This article will be an example of how to do it with a simple trading strategy with 2 EMAs.

A trend trading strategy with EMA indicator in IQ Option

If you are still learning about the world of trading, then I think the strategy using EMA indicator for trend trading will work for you.
EMA indicator – How to use and trade it in IQ Option

EMA indicator – How to use and trade it in IQ Option

EMA is an exponential moving average that is commonly used in IQ Option. In particular, it focuses a lot on the recent price movements and fluctuations.